A Safe Pig

Well, I just had to jump on the masked pig bandwagon… I’ve seen so many darling cards made with this retiring set as they relate to this weird, stressful, terrible, ‘sometimes ha-ha and sometimes not’ funny time in all our lives. I sent a similar card to an elderly widower family friend and he actually called me just to say thanks; he said it was a bright spot in an otherwise boring day that was running together with all the other days. I challenge you to do the same thing – reach out to anyone. You just never know who needs a pick-me-up…

This set doesn’t come with the saying “…Stayed Home”, so I just printed it out. It’s not the exact same type face, but it looks okay (much better than the handwritten version I attempted). The materials list is below if you want to make one of your own. He’s just so stinkin’ cute!

Remember, the current annual and Jan-June mini catalogs retire on June 2nd so if there is anything you want be sure to place your order right away. Click on the link below for the items that are still available (some may be sold out).

And, of course, the new Stampin’ Up! catalog launches on June 3. If you haven’t ordered from me in the last 6 months, email me and I’ll send you a catalog. It’s a great time to have a hobby as a stress-reliever!

Well, I hope this post finds you safe and healthy. We are still doing our part to shelter at home; looks like I’ll be working from home for a little while longer, then we’ll be back on-site in a staggered schedule. I’m looking forward to being out of the house more – I miss people!

Special shout-out to my friend, Karen. I hope everything is okay, dear friend, safe travels and I’ll be thinking about and praying for you.

Take care and, as always, happy stamping!

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