Forever Greenery

The 2020-2021 catalog comes out soon (YAY!!) and I’ve had a sneak peek. Okay, more than that…I’ve had the opportunity to pre-order a few things. The Forever Greenery Suite was one of those things – b..e..a..utiful!. I will get my UPS delivery next week, so I have to wait for my new toys before I can show you anything.

However, in my last post, I promised pictures of my garden. So in a way, I am showing you some ‘real’ forever greenery. This is my other hobby – it used to be a chore, but in the past couple of years it’s become my seasonal sanctuary. It’s the perfect stress reliever and so rewarding when you can see how your hard work pays off. It’s a quarter of an acre perennial garden with 11 different varieties of hosta. Who knew there were that many options! It’s been a work in progress making it my own; this spring I have added some new hydrangeas, a few columbine plants as well as bee balm. And I’m excited to say – due to no skill on my part – I have a bunch of milkweed spouting up. I really hope that along with the other flowering plants I’ve added, lots and lots of butterflies and bumble bees come for a visit.

I did play in my craft room during the rainy day yesterday, so I have a couple new cards to show you, but I will wait for future posts. I will, however, tease you with the cover of the new catalog. If you’ve ordered from me in the last 6 months, you’ll get your catalog in the mail, so keep an eye out for it.

Stay safe everyone and as always, happy stamping!

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