“I want them all….NOW”…says the impatient side of me.  I ordered the Rich Razzleberry and Old Olive Blendabilities sets just to see what the hubbub was all about. Well….I’m HOOKED! I never got into the Copic markers and missed all the fun there, but now I’m going to go deep into this Blendability thing.  I’ve got an order just waiting for me to hit the send button to order the rest of the sets.  Eeek…I’m so excited to get them!!!  I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas toys…. I’ve got visions of blended cards and craft projects dancing through my head!

Anyway, the photo above is my first attempt at playing with the markers and it’s proof how easy they are to use – the first card turned out just how I wanted it to!

I’ll be posting more cards as well as a “how to” video using the markers soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Stamping!


#blendabilities #stampinup #stampinkelly

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