Happy New Year!

Once again, I’ve been away for a long time.  Simply just too busy. You know the saying…never enough hours in the day.

I have a few resolutions I’m working toward this new year I want to share  – I’m hoping if I make them public, I might stick with them….peer pressure!?!?

  1. Post once a week on my website.  I’m going to attempt to have new card pictures and ideas to post, but sometimes I may just do a brain down-load or promote Stampin’ Up! specials….
  2. Send birthday cards to my family and friends.  After all, I have enough cards  – or the supplies to make them – in my stamp room.  I really have no excuse to not keep this resolution.
  3. Here’s an original one…Get. In. Shape.  It’s been a fall/winter without any exercise. That’s gonna change once the tree is out and the treadmill is back in tomorrow.
  4. Dust. ‘Nuff said.

There we go – it’s in writing, so now I gotta follow-though!

There’s more detail to the number 2 resolution.  My plan is to set aside more organized time in my craft room and create new things (maybe dusting will have to fall off the list – ha!).  I have a number of left over projects from old classes laying around that keep pulling me away from letting the creative juices flow….it’s like my brain tells me I have to finish those projects first before I can start a new one. I’m going to try and ignore that and give my hands a chance to play.

That said, I have a class this Thursday (1/11).  Below are photos of projects we will be doing, so I have had a chance to “play” a little.

I always get requests for masculine cards of any kind – and they are always a struggle for me because I don’t have a plethora of guy stamps. I got the Tree Rings stamp last fall and finally pulled it out of my stash.  I visualized a pretty simple card and this is the result – easy and classy!

I need to build up my stash of birthday cards (back to resolution #2), so the next card was designed with that in mind.  Again, nothing too complicated, but it turned out pretty.


And finally, I can’t claim design credit for the final project – I found it HERE on Pinterest – but I just had to copy it for a sweet valentine treat.  It fits 2 chocolate nuggets just perfectly.


Let me know if you plan to attend the class this Thursday.  You can find more information HERE or HERE.

And finally, there’s the all-important business updates.  It’s time for the new Occasions catalog and SALE-a-Bration.  It’s an exciting time in the Stampin’ Up! year.  I’m going to stop this post now because it’s gotten much longer than I planned.  I will post more about the promotion opportunities in a few days.

Looking forward to stamping with you soon!


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